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23 May 2014
26 Apr 2015
Special Symbols. discussion symbol, unicode decimal value. english name ?, 0402, frequency, friction, function (long f, f with hook) Wave Phenomena.
Science and Mathematics uses a large range of units, symbols and terms, and Lower case is usually a specific wavefunction, whereas upper case might be a
3 Jun 2015
20 Jun 2016 Also called a "hat," it is used as a symbol for several different operations. (something that acts on a wave function to derive an eigenvalue).
6 Nov 2014
In both Classical and Modern Greek, the letter indicates the combination /ps/ (as in English word "lapse"). For Greek loanwords in Latin and modern languages with Latin alphabets, psi is usually transliterated as "ps". In English, the letter is pronounced /sa?/ or sometimes /psa?/. (In Greek, it is pronounced [?psi].)