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Explains how to put Cocoa objects into and remove them from a representation suitable for archiving. More
17 Jul 2012 Objects are written to and read from archives with coder objects. Coder objects are instances of concrete subclasses of the abstract class NSCoder . NSCoder declares an extensive interface for taking the information stored in an object and putting it into another format suitable for writing to a file, transmitting
17 Jul 2012 Nib files are archives that represent the complex relationships within a user interface, such as a window's view hierarchy. Property lists are serializations that store the simple hierarchical relationship of basic value objects. More details on archives and serializations, and how you can use them, are
17 Jul 2012 Archives and serializations are two ways in which you can create architecture-independent byte streams of hierarchical data. Byte streams can then be written to a file or transmitted to another process, perhaps over a network. When the byte stream is decoded, the hierarchy is regenerated. Archives provide
8 Aug 2013 Introduction to View Programming Guide for Cocoa. A view instance is responsible for drawing and responding to user actions in a rectangular region of a window. This document describes the role of views in a Cocoa application, how to manipulate views in a window, and how to create a custom view
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17 Jul 2012 To support encoding and decoding of instances, a class must adopt the NSCoding protocol and implement its methods. In keeping with object-oriented design principles, an object being encoded or decoded is responsible for encoding and decoding its state. A coder instructs the object
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17 Jul 2012 The easiest way to create an archive of an object graph is to invoke a single class method—either archiveRootObject:toFile: or archivedDataWithRootObject: —on the archiver class. These convenience methods create a temporary archiver object that encodes a single object graph; you need do no more.
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