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a kuanto va calado el rotor selectra rojo fijo :s k kada uno me dice una busca por la red que tiene que haber algun manual o informacion.
Internal rotor ignition with fixed ignition timing by Italkit. Fixed meaning that the advance in ignition timing is set to an invariable value. In comparison to an external rotor, this one will increase rpm much faster resulting in more power throughout the entire rpm range.
6 Apr 2014
Fabricamos y distribuimos en todo el mundo, componentes de competicion. Vertex, HotCams, Selettra, Pivot Works, HotRods, Gilardoni.
Just like the Malossi ignition, the inner rotor ignition from Italkit is also made by Selettra. It is an analogue ignition with static ignition timing that can be freely
20 Dec 2010
58mm rotor. Setting ignition timing for the Counter-Clockwise rotated engine. Ignition timing needs to be set to 23deg, when marks on the rotor and stator are
a cuanto se cala el rotor selectra fijo?? - Leins - 26-06-2010. ROTOR ITALKIT FIJO(ROJO) Para calarlo haces lo siguiente, estando el piston en
Sale, photo and description of the ignition ITALKIT SELETTRA DIGITAL internal rotor without lights for mecaboite minarelli am6.