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When a person is charged with a felony offense in the State of Florida, his or her sentence is determined, in large part, by the Criminal Punishment Code (also referred to as the Sentencing Guidelines). The low end of the guideline range is determined by adding the points assigned to each pending offense, and any prior
These guidelines are currently in effect for: All non-capital felony offenses committed on or after October 1, 1983 and before January 1, 1994. All non-capital and non-life felonies committed before October 1, 1983 but sentenced after October 1, 1983, when the defendant elects to be sentenced under these guidelines.
21 Feb 2017 After nearly 20 years of harsh sentencing in nonviolent crimes, a Florida Senate committee concludes that the laws have led to mass incarceration and wasted tax dollars.
Capital felonies resulting in a life sentence (instead of the death penalty) remained eligible for parole after serving a mandatory 25-year term. The Code is effective for offenses committed on or after October 1, 1998 and is unlike the state's preceding sentencing guidelines, which provided for narrow ranges of permissible
a. For a felony punishable by life, by a term of imprisonment for life; b. For a felony of the first degree, by a term of imprisonment of 30 years; c. For a felony of the second degree, by a term of imprisonment of 15 years; and. d. For a felony of the third degree, by a term of imprisonment of 5 years.
Florida sentencing guidelines can lead to a mandatory prison sentence. Flaherty As any criminal defense attorney in Fort Walton Beach knows, felony charges can be one of the most paralyzing experiences of any person's life, especially so for the life-altering consequences that may possibly come with them. While it's

23 Jan 2013 Scope: Other States laws/regulations; Program Description; Florida's “10-20-Life” law is a law that requires courts to impose a minimum sentence of 10 years, 20 years, or 25 years to life for certain felony The penalty is in addition and consecutive to the sentence for the underlying felony conviction (Fla.
This was especially true in cases of life imprisonment, which between 1992 and 2003 increased by 83% due to the implementation of three strikes laws. Short term sentencing, mandatory minimums, and guideline-based sentencing began to remove the human element from sentencing. They also required the judge to
4 – 14 grams. 3 years, $50,000 fine. 14 – 28 grams. 15 years, $100,000 fine. 28 grams – 30 kilograms 25 years, $500,000 fine. 30+ kilograms life imprisonment without parole. Phencyclidine. 28 - 200 grams. 3 years, $50,000 fine. 200 - 400 grams. 7 years, $100,000 fine. 400+ grams. 15 years, $250,000 fine. Methaqualone.

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